Blog awards

I received several blog awards from dear friends over the last few weeks. First, "The Circle of Friends Award" from fabulous Kelley. She is such a lovely and dear person, I am so happy to have found her!

I`d love to give this award to following friends:

The next award is from wonderful Sally:

There are some little rules attached after you receive the award and these are:
To link back to the person who gave you the award, then list five things you like spending your time on. You then get the chance to pass the award to five people who inspire and support your creativity. This can either be through sharing their amazing work or by leaving kind comments on your blog.

Here are my five things:

1. Playing, reading and laughing with my 1 year old daughter
2. Photographing or videotaping her
3. Making cards during her naptimes
4. Do some bloghopping and commenting while sipping my morning coffee
5. Hugging and cuddling my husband in the evenings

This award goes to:

And finally, the MeMe Award from lovely Dawn:

Here I have to divulge 7 secrets about myself and pass this award on to 7 others. Secrets!? I am really boring! But let`s see... some things are only things about me. Here we go:

1. I can`t do a single day without sweets
2. I have never been really drunk and before I was about 23 I never even drank any alcohol
3. I never tried a cigarette or any drugs
4. I don`t want to drink out of a water bottle if it`s open longer than one day
5. Some freak stalked me for 3 years and the police didn`t do anything against it - sometimes I slept with a knife under my pillow
6. I am Vegetarian - I could start crying when I see a hurt animal and can`t get the pictures out of my head
7. I am always afraid that something happens to my daughter in the nights, I would love to have a camera in her room to watch her sleep!

Now that I started I could add some more strange things about me! Ok, this award goes to:

Thanks for all the awards, it was fun to think about secrets! There are so many wonderful and interesting ladies here, be sure to leave some love for them :) I hope I did not forget anyone, it is always difficult to chose! I hope you have fun with your awards...

I`ll be back with two card-posts later!



Kelley Eubanks said...

Awww... Thanks for your sweet words Vanessa!! I am sooooooo glad that we are friends. You are sweet and oh so talented!! I love visiting you!! :) Just wish I could in person! So crazy that someone stalked you for three years! No wonder you are worried about your daughter! Wow!!

CinnamonSally said...

Hi Vanessa thanks for the award I thrilled, I shall have to think carefully about my seven secrets. I LOVE visiting your blog all your cards are so inspirational I wish I had just half of your talent!!

Tina said...

Vanessa, vielen Dank für den Award. :D 7 Geheimnisse über mich? Oh, da muss ich mal nachdenken, was ich verraten möchte, hihi...

Drück Dich, Tina

Jane said...

Wow! talk about awards!!! I still didn't deal with the ones I got months ago....but I will do this one....thanks so much...I'm just flattered that you take the time out to visit my blog....that in itself is an award! xo

Vicki said...

Oh Vanessa I feel so honoured to receive this award from you, thank you sooo much, I'm so happy you thought of me:)

Big hugs
Vicki x