Dear Friends,
Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!!! Thank you so much for this wonderful year, thank you for your support and love and inspiration! I feel blessed to know you!
In Germany, we celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve - and it´s already over here! We started early at about 4 pm because of my little girl. She is lying in her bed now and is trying to calm down and figure out why she got so many cool presents. I thought I`d share some pictures of my dinner table. Here are my final place-card "Do Me a Favor" Boxes. Remember my torn stamp?? Ha, I can place it onto the acrylic block in a way that it still works! Yay!

I decided to go with chocolate, cream and gold to match our table:

Waiting to be placed:


I got some cream poinsettias - love them!

And little angels were watching from the angels` hair:

Do you think I got a good photo from me and my angel? Nope. I was busy making dinner, feeding her and cleaning up afterwards... And I so wanted nice Christmas photos! I looked kind of festive today! But enough of grumbling!
Have a wonderful, peaceful, merry merry Christmas wherever you are!!

Big Hugs,



Nicky Hsu said...

Merry Christmas, Vanessa.
I love your table. So pretty. Love the color combo. So elegant.
Happy holiday. It's very nice to know you on the blog world. I am always amazed by your creations.

Alice Wertz said...

thanks for sharing your gorgeous Christmas table decoration!! it's so beautiful! got to get myself that template! you made them look sooooo yummy and i am glad to hear that you found a way to use your torn stamp! =)

Aimes said...

Oh how I envy all the kids in Germany getting to their presents a day early ;D LOL!
I love your place-card boxes - gorgeous colour combo! So glad your torn stamp still works - I've done exactly the same with one of mine LOL!
Hope you have a very merry and peaceful few days!

Jacqueline said...

Your decorations look beautiful - know what you mean about photo-taking - we mums are the busy ones in the kitchen right!

CinnamonSally said...

Hi Vanessa your table looks lovely. Have a great Christmas.
Hugs Sallyx

Nancy said...

Merry Christmas, Vanessa. Your table is beautiful!

Winter said...

Beautiful table! Merry Christmas! :)

Suzanne C said...

Merry Christmas Vanessa! Happy holidays to you and your family and happy new year!

Daniela Hendea {PurpleD} said...

Oh WOW! What a table! Stunning!

Tina said...

Nun ist die Weihnachtszeit auch schon wieder vorbei und ich möchte Dir und Deinen Lieben einen guten Rutsch in ein sorgenfreies neues Jahr wünschen.

LG, Tina

Diana said...

Hi Vanessa! I love these table gifts. Just wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

Kelley Eubanks said...

I looked at this the other day but was in too big of a hurry to comment! Your boxes are great and I was so glad to see a glimpse into your home/world! :)

NinaB said...

What an elegant table, Vanessa. I love your boxes.

donna mikasa said...

Hi Vanessa! I see that you had a merry AND gorgeous Christmas! A very festive and elegant table--and favors, too!