Elderflower Recipes

Happy Tuesday! It took me some time, but I am back with the Elderflower recipes finally! Maybe you like to try them next year. Here is a photo of an Elderflower bush for all those who don't know what they look like:

They smell wonderful when they are in bloom! Ok, first the recipe for the Elderflower Sirup. Here is what you'll need (to make about 3,5 l Sirup):

About 13 large umbels, 2 l Water, 2 kg Sugar, 20 g Citric Acid, about 10 thin Lemonslices. And some large jars that provide an airtight seal. First cook the water with the sugar until the sugar is melted completely, stir in the Citric Acid. Fill the umbels and lemonslices into your jars:

Fill in the water and close your jars:

Now let this rest for five days. Then strain everything through a cloth and cook your sirup:

Fill into bottles quickly and voilà! Here is my finished sirup:

It is delicious when mixed with sparkling water or champagne!

Next is a recipe for Orange-Elderflower-Jelly. Easy! You'll need:
2 l Orangejuice, 2 kg Canning Sugar, about 12 large umbels, 5 g Citric Acid. It will make about 10-15 jam jars (depending on the size). First you have to put the umbels into the orangejuice. Cover it and leave it for about 24 hours:

Then strain everything through a cloth like for the sirup. Add the canning sugar and cook like indicated on the package of the sugar. Be sure to choose a large pot, it will bubble a lot and you really don't want any of this on your stove top. Believe me :)

Add the Citric Acid.There will be some foam on top when you are finished, try to remove that with a skimmer before filling your jelly into the jars immediately. To make sure the jars are all closed air-tightly, turn them around and leave them standing on the lid for a while. Here is a finished jelly:

Ha, I was sooo creative taking these photos! lol

Ok, that was this post. No cards today, but maybe there are some Elderflower lovers like me out there! Be sure to come back tomorrow, there will be a new challenge starting at Tiffany Doodles! A fun one!

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Jacqueline said...

Thanks for the work and effort you put into making this post! We have loads and loads of these trees growing wild here and the sirop is made alot. I have tasted it once. I didn't know about the jelly recipe though. Looks like you got all the equipment you need and are ready for some months of enjoyment!

donna mikasa said...

Very creative photos! I'm very impressed, Vanessa! They look like they should appear in Gourmet magazine! Ah, if only we had elderflowers here in Hawaii...

lynn said...

thank you for the tutorial--it looks delicious, vanessa:)

Laurel said...

Looks interesting, wish I could try it I had never heard of Elderflower before.

Natka said...

Hmm sieht gut aus, bin gespannt wie der Sirup auch schmeckt! Viele Grüsse

Heather Maria said...

Vanessa, I thought I'd stumbled into Martha Stewart's website! Love all the photos and thanks for the great instructions and recipes. I'll have to try them next year.

Michelle said...

Wow this recipe looks so yum, too bad we dont really have elder flowers here in Sri Lanka:-( would love to try some with sparkling water:-) mmmm

Daniela Hendea {PurpleD} said...

YUUUM! I've been looking for the name of that flower in German forever, but no one could guess what I was talking about! The Elderflower syrup is my favorite drink! We had it when we were kids all the time!

When we went to Romania, I really wanted my husband to see and smell some. We found a bush and I shoved one right in his nose. He made such an allergy that we had to go to the doctor!

Agata said...

I love this syrup! Thanks for sharing your recipes! :)

Alice Wertz said...

beautiful photos and thanks for the tutorial! =)

Kathy said...

Wow sweet Vanessa this is so yummy and neat..love the pics

Anke said...

Oh Vanessa das schaut ja sehr, sehr lecker aus, wir haben ja auch einen Holunder im Garten, auch mit den Beeren kann man leckere Marmelade machen.

Vielen lieben Dank für das Rezept !!!

Herzliche Grüße
von Anke

Elise said...

Yeeeeeee-uuuuuum! How WONDERFUL!

AnitaRex said...

Just saw this Vanessa! I don't think we have this plant here. :< But I wanted to let you know a trick for when you make jelly to not have any foam right when you start to cook the jelly you add a tablespoon or two of butter and it won't foam!