Last Last Minute Gift Idea

Hello! Ok, it's the day before Christmas in Germany. Here we celebrate on Christmas Eve. Tomorrow is the big day. And I have one last last minute gift idea for you. It's so easy and soo yummy. Get out some chocolate and spoons and make hot chocolate on a spoon:

If you are a real chocolatier, don't read on. Because I like to use my microwave to melt chocolate. Disgraceful. But so very convenient! For the one you see above, I used dark chocolate, melted it and poured it into the small baking forms for tiny cupcakes. Then I threw in a cube of nougat and stuck in the spoon. It works well with a popsicle stick, too. Another version I made was with white chocolate and a lot of christmassy spices. For those who like their chocolate with marshmallows, just use small ones and throw them into the chocolate like I did with the nougat. Mmh, I had to try if these are good enough to give away:

They are! To make your delicious hot chocolate, put the spoon into a cup of hot milk. Wait half a minute. Then stir until the chocolate is melted. Then use a small beater (I have one to froth my milk for my latte) and whisk well. Now top with whipped cream and sprinkle with brittle. Yum!!!

Ok, that's it. And now:

Enjoy the time with your loved ones!!! I'll be back soon.

Hugs and Love,


Savannah O'Gwynn said...

OHHHH! I LOVE this spoon gift--totally bookmarking this for next year! Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dawn said...

Meri Kirihimete (Merry Christmas) Vanessa. Your gift idea is yummy... I do little chocolates for my friends... melting milk and dark choc buttons together and putting into the moulds. Enjoy your Christmas season.

paula said...

What a great idea! I so wish I lived where it's cold at Christmas so I could try this out. Merry Christmas Vanessa xoxoxoxo

Chris said...

Mmmmmm I love dark chocolate. I'm hoping Santa will bring some.

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Chris x

Tomo H. said...

Hi, Vanessa! It's been a while!
I was fascinated with your so many beautiful works quite a while!
Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

Alice Wertz said...

love your hot chocolate on a spoon idea! too cute and fun!