A Busy Week

Hey there! It's been a busy week and I thought I'd share some photos showing why. My little girl turned 6 (how did that happen so fast??) and we celebrated with the family first and had the big party with her friends yesterday. This is a photo-heavy post :o)
These were the invitations:

I used the Simon Says Stamp feathers dies to create simple invitations. Love the rustic feel with the stick.
I couldn't manage to take photos of my party decorations, like the cupcake toppers, little tipis made from ice-cones etc because some guests arrived early and we weren't able to get it done in time. But here are some photos of the party. We are a bit crazy when it comes to creating a fun party for our girl :o)

This is my sweet princess prairie buttercup. She enjoyed her party immensely.

This is what we looked like. All kids were face-painted by us. We told everybody to look proud in this photo. They did well! But I didn't want to show the other kids without permission. We had drums-background-music for the right atmosphere and let the kids do various tasks to gain some feathers:

First, they had to sneak up on the chief and get the feather next to him. We arranged some dried leaves around him to make it more difficult. Can you imagine the squeaking when the chief tried to catch them? So fun!

Then they had to cross the dangerous snake canyon and catch a snake:

My husband created a bison from cardboard (amazing, mmh?):

And they had a try at archery:

Then they each caught a mustang:

And did a wild rain-dance that succeeded in refreshment (because it was really really hot yesterday):

Finally, we made dream-catchers:

Every guest got a little bag with goodies to take home. This is what they looked like:

My husband and me were so finished at the end of the day, taking care of 6 kids on sugar is exhausting! But it was totally worth it:

Back to "normal"! Don't miss the new winnie & walter release starting tomorrow! Thanks for visiting!



Cassandra aka Scrap Savvy said...

Great cards! I love the clean and simple design with rustic elements and pops of colour. Happy belated birthday to your princess prairie buttercup. Looks like a fun themed b-day. Neat ideas!

Elena said...

that looks like such a fun party! I love all of the activities, the face painting, and that bison! so cool!

Jean Bullock said...

What a fun party. You planned it out well.

Dawn Turley said...

what a fun party Vanessa. Lucky little girl having such great parents who really got into the theme. I can see lots of LO's coming out of this party

Lyndal said...

Super cool party Vanessa :)