Red Bull District Ride and another mini album

Happy weekend! I hope yours is as exciting and spectacular as mine! As some of you already now, I am living in Nuremberg - a beautiful german city with many historical buildings and a medieval city center. And now it is the location of an amazing event again! 

The legendary Red Bull District Ride is back after five years! 25 of the world's best mountain bike freeriders are here to leave the spectators speechless! Yesterday we watched the Best Trick Contest that took place on the market place. And I have videos for you to show you what they did. Here is one:

And just because it is this incredible, here is another one:

Are you still breathing? They are crazy, aren't they? Today the "real" run will take place. First they'll have to drop from the wall of the imperial castle, then the race course will lead them through the medieval city (cobbles everywhere) over some boxes, stairs etc to the ramps and boxes they built on Sebaldus Square. Next they run/jump/fly over the dirt hills down to the marketplace. There they will take the elevator of the townhall to get up to the final ramp (that cute little one from the video) and finish their run. I so hope it won't rain today! There is no chance for this with the least bit of rain. The cobbles and the ramps are too dangerous then. If there is anyone out there who is interested in more videos (from today and yesterday), I will happily share them here. So just tell me if you are not bored by a non-crafty post. Ha, and now that I found out that my camera is making great videos that I do not have to convert to another format first, I will try to get tutorials done! Like the double bow! (so sorry that this took me so long)

But, this one is a crafty post, too! Last night I just wanted to play and have fun, so I made another mini album like the one about little me. Those of you who asked for a tutorial for the base of the mini - here is a link to a tutorial I found on a blog of a genius crafter! These little books are addicting. For mine, I left the piece that covers the front and back just a little longer on the back to create this flap. To embellish the inside, you have to keep everything quite flat. The spine doesn't allow bulky embellishments. That's why I used stickers only here. Here is the album:

It's about sweet little Alyssa. She loves watching the freeriders btw! But back to the album. I used various Crate papers and stickers (except for the letter stickers, they are Webster's Pages).

The first page:

Page two:

Page three:

And page four:

Haha, that's my favorite! She is such a fun-loving little thing. I got this mustache on a stick from GCD Studios and she loved playing around with it! I am glad she has a great sense of humor!

Long post. But I hope you enjoyed it a bit!

Thank you so much for visiting! Have a beautiful day!

Hugs and Love,

Patterned Paper: Crate
Stickers, Chipboard: Crate
Letter Stickers, Ribbon: Webster's Pages


CinnamonSally said...

Hi Vanessa, what amazing videos thjose riders are fearless. Enjoy your day today, I hope it doesn't rain for you.

Love your cute mini album Alyssa is gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

Was man alles mit einem Fahrrad anstellen kann. :)
Dein Album ist toll geworden und das gilt auch für all die schönen Sachen, die ich in der letzten Zeit verpasst habe. Manchmal kommt man einfach zu nichts. ;)

Hab ein schönes Wochenende, Tina

Barb said...

They definitely have no fear! Crazy! Glad you shared the videos, Vanessa. And the mini album is adorable! You have such a sweet little girl. . .she is beautiful!

Alice Wertz said...

wow! that was amazing. must be thrilling to see it in person! thanks for the videos! and i adore your mini! your girl is sooooooo cute!