The Martha Stewart piece of me...

This is a photo post... no cards today! Yesterday was my mother in law`s birthday. I made two cakes for her guests. The picture was taken in her orange 70`s kitchen!
This one is the Banana Cream Cake (all time favourite!)

And the Cherry Chocolate Cream Cake:

I considered wearing a pink lace apron.. but I don`t have one! I preferred my Fox Racing Shirt :). Alyssa had fun with her cousin, unfortunately they do not visit us very often. He wasn`t pleased about her touching his face:

Love this one:

She loves dogs, but is a bit confused now... her name is Lilly, our cat`s too and a girl from our toddlergroup is named Lilly, too...

Entertaining all the guests...

And my little happy family:

Maybe I`ll be back with a card later... have a great sunday!



donna mikasa said...

Hi Vanessa! You definitely put Martha Stewart to shame with those fabulous cakes! Oh my! You certainly don't need an apron! And your daughter is so adorable! Such a happy family....

Suzanne C said...

Wow those are some beautiful cakes and love the pictures! Your little one is so adorable! They are so fun at that age when they are exploring everything. (Tiring too!)

Tina said...

Oh Vanessa, was für wunderschöne Bilder! Ihr seid eine zauberhafte Familie. :)

LG, Tina

Karen from MI said...

Hi Vanessa!! Love your photos........they are BEAUTIFUL!! Your family looks SO SWEET!! Your cakes are UNBELIEVABLE!! I feel as though I can TASTE them all the way in Michigan.......what a blessing you are.
Love, Karen

Arlene said...

Those cakes look yummy and they're not small little things, they're so lovely.

Looks like you can do anything:)

Great shots on the kids. She's a cute little one.

Jane said...

my goodness I need a mop to clean up my drool from the floor!! YUMMY!!!
Love all the photos.....gorgeous family..thanks for sharing!

Kelley Eubanks said...

Yummy... those cakes look good enough to eat! :) Great pics... what a gorgeous family!

Stamping Cafe said...

You have such a beautiful family, Vanessa!! Love your photos, you daughter is so adorable!!

Your cakes are amazing, you are amazing!! Thank you for sharing!

You are such a sweetie to give me such a beautiful award, thank you so much! I will put it up as soon as I can! :)

Big hugs,

Karen said...

These cakes look delicious! Would love the recipe for both, they look amazing! Lovely pictures of your family, your little girl is gorgeous
Karen xx

Kathy said...

love all your pics "martha" your cake looks so yummo and your family is so beautiful! :)