December Daily Day 1

Hello! Yes, on day 10, I finally managed to share my first page of my december daily. I would make so much so different now that I saw so many amazing albums out there! But here is mine:

Day 1 is a two page and I dedicated it to the decorations. I had so much fun decorating everything this year. Amaryllis are my favorite flowers of the season. Can't get enough of them!

Here are two more photos I slipped into the paper bag. Do you like that little gnome? I needle felted it - it is so easy and you can do so many cute little creatures:

So, this was page 1. I'll be back tomorrow with a dimensional star. And maybe page 2 + 3 - we'll see!

Back to my poor little girl. She has an ear infection and bronchitis. Wish I could take it from her!

Have a beautiful day and thanks for visiting! 

Hugs and Love,


paula said...

Vanessa I wish your little girl a very speedy recovery :( poor thing. Your LOs look amazing as does your gnome xoxoxo

Barb said...

Are you kidding me? I wouldn't change a thing, Vanessa! Your Day 1 is fabulous!

I'm so sorry your sweet girl is sick. Such a helpless feeling. Hope she feels better very soon! Hugs to you!

meredemaison said...

I agree that your LO is wonderful!

Take care of you and your little one!